Monday, March 10, 2014

City Concept

Hey guys! Here's another maybe half-finished concept...I'm going to try to detail this one out because I'm liking where its going. Hope you like!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Back! Kind of.

Okay, so I know its been like a week or so longer than I said it would be, but I have been working on stuff. Nothing that I've been fully satisfied with, but I figured I would post this one. I've been trying to learn how to paint using various videos that I've found by people like Feng Zhu and Noah Bradley among others...I'm still very novice at this stuff, but I think if I keep at it I can get to a more professional level. I've always been interested in Concept Design, and I plan on taking a few classes in the future to really get a handle on it. Its a lot of fun, and I find I can work on this stuff for hours and still not get board. That said, I've been very busy with my storyboarding work as of late, and it can be difficult doing this stuff on top of making my deadlines on TMNT, so obviously the work that pays is the priority. Anyway, sorry for my lack of posts...I will continue to be somewhat erratic probably, but want to try to post something at least once a week. I can't guarantee it will be good though! :) Thanks for following!